As a leading trans, queer writer and activist whose work has been hugely influential in the realm of radical politics, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore has


From Black Riders Liberation Party “The Black Riders Liberation Party calls on all comrades, allies, sympathizers and all Freedom loving peoples to p


by Grace Andred:

11.04.13 - In the upcoming week Capricorns receive subliminal insight into their lives, Gemini’s start to bounce back, and Virgo’s get a little bit sassy.

Aries(March 21-April 19)

This week you may come face to face with something you fear greatly, Aries, so proceed with caution. While your safety is not in danger, you will have to deal with a situation that pokes at some insecurities that have been lingering unaddressed for quite some time. Now is the time to act with courage and show any monsters lurking in the dark that you are in control of your life. Avoid getting pushed into any corners out of desperation; act intentionally against the forces holding you back and you will come out triumphant once again. Your worries may puff up their chest like an animal trying to appear larger than its predator, but they will go running once you bare those sharp wolf teeth of yours.

Taurus(April 20-May20)

The stars are trying to communicate with you, Taurus, so keep all receptors open and attentive. Have you lost your way in some aspect of your life? It may be that daily tasks are using up all of the air, depriving your passions of oxygen; or perhaps there is something you desire greatly and the cosmos are simply waiting for you to reach out for help. It is imperative at this juncture of your life that you recognize how important magic is to achieve what you truly want and need. Whether it is the magic of the elements around you, the electric friendships in your life, or the magic found in a stranger’s penetrating gaze, you are not alone. Allow the mystical into your life, and good things will follow.

Gemini(May 21-June20)

The cloak of darkness that has been clouding your mind is lifting at last, Gemini. You may be feeling quite depleted from an extended period of emotional fatigue, so don’t expect that you will regain your energy all at once. Trust that wounds are healing, and dreams are churning towards their own fulfillment slowly but surely. Patience is the word of the week, as nothing seems to happen as quickly as you would prefer, but the time is ripe for drastic changes disguised as subtle transitions. You may find yourself showered with compliments in the coming days, and I would advise that you learn how to take them graciously and accept them as truth. You have worked hard to get where you’re at, so don’t deny yourself recognition!


Have you been a bit closed off lately, Cancer? The protective walls you have erected around yourself are long due to be torn down. The people you currently find yourself surrounded by deserve to see all of the nooks and crannies of who you are, and will love you all the more for it. This week you should venture into full emotional disclosure, holding nothing back. Don’t be afraid of hurting feelings, making enemies, or revealing too much; scream at the top of your lungs everything that is hidden in the warm comfort of silence. The consequences will be much less frightening than you might think, and the cathartic effect will do wonders for your state of mind.

Leo(July 23- August 22)

This week will bring an opportunity to do something out of your ordinary routine, and I highly recommend making time to participate. It may require abandoning other responsibilities or plans you have; this is okay. Your time is like an animal in a world of domestication—you can either keep it locked up in a crate with scheduled potty breaks, or release it into what’s left of the wild to roam freely. However, if you choose to break some plan or another, make an effort to do so decisively and without guilt. You will be pleasantly surprised when later in the week someone extends to you a small gift or gesture that leaves you with a smile on your face; it will be entirely unexpected and all the more enchanting. Spontaneity is the word of the week, Leo; no collars, no cages!

Virgo(August 23-September 22)

A sudden surge of grumpiness may plague you early this week, Virgo, but fear not. As long as you hold on to your sense of humor it won’t bother you or anyone else too much. After all, there are a lot of frustrating circumstances happening around you right now, and it’s only natural to get a little irritated. Later in the week you will find that things have eased up a bit, and a new relationship will take an interesting turn. Go out and have fun as much as possible this weekend, and by next week you will be back to normal. My only advice for you is to spend the week eating whatever you want, singing in the mirror to bad pop songs, and engaging a stranger in stimulating conversation.

Libra(September 23-October 22)

Be cautious to stay out of dramatic situations this week, Libra, as they will have the possibility of getting volatile very quickly. If you find yourself in the middle of a contentious situation that doesn’t directly involve you, back away slowly. It would be advisable to avert conversations with a gossipy tone to something more neutral. Gossip is one of the most toxic and addictive elements of social circles, and you may find yourself surrounded by it more than you would like in the upcoming month. Come up with interesting topics to distract bored people chatting about each other in unfriendly ways; the latest conspiracy theories, good (or bad) books, and Miley Cyrus’ stupid antics are all things that can get a group worked up without hurting the friends and acquaintances who aren’t there.

Scorpio(October 23- November 21)

There will be a lot of noise this week, Scorpio, whether it’s coming from thoughts tumbling around in your head, or from the chatter of those around you. During this time you would do well to create a bit of silence for yourself. You can’t seem to get a handle on what you feel about much of anything these days, and cutting out the static around you—or within you—will help you regain firm grounding. Try to work a little less, or say no to hanging out with friends in order to find solitude and reflection. What are your needs right now? Are they being met? These are important questions that you have been ignoring, but no matter how impossible it may seem to answer and fulfill them, it must be done.

Sagittarius(November 22- December 21)

There will be a lot of things that test your patience this week, Sagittarius, so try to roll with the punches as best you can. It is often a good practice to cut people some slack when they seem to be lagging behind on the expectations you have of them. Chances are they have something going on that requires their energy to be focused elsewhere in one way or another, so give them the benefit of the doubt. If you sense yourself getting frustrated, try to take a few breaths and counter the thinking patterns that lead towards holding resentment against the people in your life. Besides, you are going through some drastic changes these days and should focus more on the path you find yourself on; this is an exciting time for you so enjoy it before it passes!

Capricorn(December 22- January 19)

A dream may jar you from sleep sometime this week, Capricorn, so be ready to take notes! A scene that feels familiar and yet slightly disjunct from reality will leave you pondering its meaning for days. Pay careful attention to who is in the dream and what they are doing, then consider closely what dynamics you have with them currently. This surreal layer of your subconscious may be trying to communicate an important message to you about something very urgent in your life. It might be helping you sort through your mixed feelings about a relationship, or providing a solution to a confusing dilemma. Listening to what our minds tell us when it isn’t in first gear can be an invaluable tool to sort through events and emotions that hide deep within our psyches. Try keeping a journal at your bedside for the next few days so you don’t miss a thing!

Aquarius(January 20-February 18)

I hope you don’t mind getting a little bad advice. In the next week, there may be moments when you are screaming on the inside while keeping a calm demeanor on the outside. The thing is, you are long overdue for a full-blown temper tantrum and should just go for it. Not that you should be aggressive or act selfishly, just let off some steam. If someone is pushing you around or walking all over you—whether directly or passively—growl back a little bit. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions, put your foot down—no, stomp your foot down—and say enough is enough. No one else’s needs should come before your own this week unless you truly want them to, so make that distinction carefully. Let’s hear that roar, Aquarius!

Pisces(February 19- March 20)

Is there something from the past that is coming back to haunt you, Pisces? Perhaps a memory of being hurt, or a regret of yours that you can’t seem to shake off may be reemerging in your mind this week. In order to put this thought to rest you must confront it directly. Think seriously about why it lingers, and what you have learned from it. Talk to someone trusted about what is bothering you. Every painful experience has the potential of teaching you a valuable lesson, and even if you have not found that yet, know that without this event you would not be who you are today. And who you are now, although maybe a little more scarred or a little more confused, is beautiful. Look deep inside yourself, and lay your ghosts to rest.


Anarchist Counter Information Project for the Bay Area


An Oakland city councilman, concerned that unsupervised teens contribute to - and are victims of - the city’s high crime rate, plans to introduce a proposal this week to bar youth under the age of 18 from being out in public areas after 10 p.m. The proposed curfew calls for fines, community service or even jail time for any unaccompanied child or teen found outside in a public area or inside a business between 10 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. any day of the week, said Councilman Noel Gallo, who will introduce his initiative at a City Council committee meeting this week. The proposal says that anyone under 18 cannot remain in a street, park, public outdoor space or car between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., unless they are accompanied by an adult age 21 or over or involved in certain activities, like traveling to or from work, completing an errand on behalf of a parent or attending an official school, religious or city-sponsored recreational activity. Deeply controversialThe curfew is deeply controversial in a city whose residents and leaders hold starkly different opinions about what leads to criminal behavior. Among the concerns raised during previous council debates was that a curfew would tie up depleted police resources with minor arrests or unfairly punish otherwise law-abiding juveniles. In a statement, Mayor Jean Quan did not say whether she would support the curfew, only that she is “committed to considering all the options available to keep Oakland safe” and questions the “track record” of curfews in curtailing crime. Curfew laws have not been shown to cut crime in other cities, said Dan Macallair, executive director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice in San Francisco and the author of a 1999 research paper on the policy. “This is an introduction so from here I will work with the (city) administrator and the police chief to develop an implementation plan,” Gallo said. […] the public and my fellow members of the council will also have a say.


This is old, but still:

This week the Memorial Mural for those murdered by police in the Bay Area was restored after being disrespected.

As we all know, memorials are sacred and should be defended by everyone out of respect to the dead, their families and the greater movement against racial prejudice, trans-phobia and police brutality. This transcends graffiti politics and involves everyone.

Having the opportunity to display a political mural is very rare. The city, the police, and vigilantes are constantly trying to remove these murals.

If you are new to the Bay Area, please familiarize yourself with local history.

Also, big shout out to Oracle who tagged over it:

The east Oakland Stayaway was evicted this morning.


There were two arrests.

There will be a rally for squat solidarity this afternoon (8/22), 3pm on the corner of 14th ave. and 27th st. (hospital corner). please come stand in solidarity with the arrestees and against REO Homes.

Spread the word!

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One of the hunger strikers in California died this week. Billy Michael Sell, known as “Guero” died on Monday in solitary at Corcoran prison. I’m feeling rage and sadness. His life must not have been lost in vain. We have to win

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The following is a reportback from a small collective of participants and observers of the recent uprisings in Oakland which followed the Zimmerman acquittal. Here we have attempted to clarify and explain several issues which have been distorted by a number of sources concerning ‘outside agitators,’ the self-activity and organization of black youth, and the attack of white vigilante Drew Cribley.


Brazil and Turkey, two so-called emerging market economies, have been undergoing massive public protests over the last few weeks, protests that erupted simultaneously against the ruling parties in each country. The unrest in both countries was …

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